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Logitech +Trip One-Touch Smartphone Airvent Magnetic Car Mount

Logitech +Trip One-Touch Smartphone Airvent Magnetic Car Mount

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The Logitech [+] triplets you mount your smartphone simply and securely to air vents in any vehicle ensuring that your screen is always visible. Keep your eyes on the road and your smartphone screen insight. Logitech [+] trip mounts any smartphone to any vehicle’s air vent with one touch. So your smartphone stays secure and right where you need it for safe hands-free navigation music streaming and phone calls while you drive. Universal smartphone compatibility No matter what kind of smartphone or case you use the included Universal Adapter makes it easy to attach smartphones of all shapes and sizes. The tiny footprint attaches unobtrusively to your vehicle’s air vent. Every facet of [+] trip is designed to feel ''just right''— chrome edges for a styled rubber non-slip face and soft over-molded teeth for a beefy grip on vents. One effortless motion securely connects your smartphone to the [+] trip mount keeping your screen within an easy glance. You shouldn’t need an engineering degree to install a car mount. The [+] trip simply clips onto any air vent—vertically horizontally or at an angle. (Vents between 1.5 millimeter-5 millimeter width)


  • Smartphone car mount: Mounts your smartphone to any vehicle’s air vent so the screen is always visible
  • Compact ergonomic design: Minimalist size polished chrome grip and molded teeth for a secure grip on vents
  • Magnetic coupling: Instantly secures your phone to the mount with one effortless motion
  • One-touch installation: Clips on any air vent horizontally vertically or at an angle
  • Smartphone Universal Adapter: Connects virtually any smartphone or phone case to the air vent


30 Day Warranty




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