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KLIM Bamboo Wood 10” to 15.6” Laptop Cooling pad with USB Port and Adjustable Fan Speed

KLIM Bamboo Wood 10” to 15.6” Laptop Cooling pad with USB Port and Adjustable Fan Speed

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Having a unique and elegant design does not have to rival convenience and performance. The KLIM Bamboo has all the essential features you'd expect from a laptop cooler: adjustable inclination (3 levels) anti-skid feet a frontal stopper extra USB port and powerful silent fans. This is no ordinary laptop cooler. Built with natural bamboo wood as soon as you touch it you notice its soft pleasant feel. It looks great with wooden furniture as well as other glass plastic or metal materials so you can use it regardless of the type of computer or room decoration. Wood is a great material with a very long lifespan and amazing durability. The KLIM Bamboo will be with you for many years and become an essential part of your kit helping you keep your laptop safe from overheating with style and elegance.


A SMART INVESTMENT. This cooling stand is a smart investment => no component overheating => maximize your laptop’s life and boost its performance. ✔BONUS: Receive the following eBook directly on your email after your purchase: 7 tips to keep your computer alive longer and maximize its performance.

LARGE MODEL + SILENT Covers the following sizes: 11 11 3 12 13 14 15 15 6 16 inches. Compatible with the following sizes: 17 3 18 and 19 inches. With these sizes the laptop will extend over the edges of the cooling pad but will remain perfectly stable. Extremely silent this cooler will never surpass 26 dB (decibels). You won’t hear it at all!

POWERFUL + CONVENIENT Equipped with two 130 mm fans each spinning at 1300 rotations per minute the KLIM Bamboo is extremely powerful for its size. Its fans rotation speed is adjustable which lets you adapt them to your cooling needs. It is equipped with two USB ports so you can always recover one of them. It is also fitted with rubber feet to keep it perfectly stable and an anti-slip system to prevent the laptop from sliding down.

ORIGINAL BAMBOO DESIGN + BUILT TO LAST The KLIM Bamboo is built with natural bamboo wood and provides the same performance as PC gaming coolers but in a more elegant style. It stands out from other cooling stands in terms of design and quality of the materials. We offer a 2-year warranty proof of our confidence in this product. KLIM is one of the leading brands for coolers in the US.


30 Day Warranty





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