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Creative Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition Gaming Headset

Creative Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition Gaming Headset

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CLEARER LOUDER HARDER BETTER! The Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition radiates comfort in every element of the design. It's made up of reinforced steel headband and aluminum architecture. Sound BlasterX H5 features an ergonomically-tested design that guarantees comfort over long stretches of gaming sessions and withstands the rigors of gameplay.


Gaming Audio Remastered
The BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition is an upgrade from the BlasterX H5 with improved drivers for better sensitivity and more accurate sound reproduction. This gaming headset also features an upgraded microphone to help you ace your games with a better voice pick-up and noise cancellation in loud gaming environments.

Looking sleeker than ever the BlasterX H5 comes with new brushed metal earcup plates and gunmetal finishing.

Designed to Perfection
An improved version of the Sound BlasterX H5 gaming headset that sports an industrial look. The new variant is adorned with new brushed metal earcup plates complete with gunmetal finishing. To go along with its new look the lightweight architecture is joined by memory foam and plush leatherette that let you wear the H5 Tournament Edition headset all day long. Connects to computer via 3.5mm jack.

Engineered to be Lightweight yet Durable
Crafted with durable reinforced aluminum architecture the H5 Tournament Edition is light to wear and bring around. It's also tough enough to maintain its structural integrity from everyday wear and tear.

Audio Performance
Improved Drivers for Greater Sensitivity and Better Gameplay
The Blaster X H5 Tournament Edition is equipped with the same large responsive 50mm FullSpectrum™ drivers as the BlasterX H5 that deliver astounding sound. For this edition the drivers are further tuned for clearer louder and more accurate sound reproduction to give you an edge over your enemies so you can be sure to experience a full-bodied impact of every bone-shattering explosion and rattle of gunfire in your gameplay.

Communicate Effortlessly
Redesigned and improved the detachable noise-reduction mic picks up voices and cancels noise better in a loud gaming environment.


30 Day Warranty




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