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Apple Watch Series 2 38mm Smart Watch Aluminum Case with Sport Band

Apple Watch Series 2 38mm Smart Watch Aluminum Case with Sport Band

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Enjoy the iOS apps you love on your iPhone tailored for Apple Watch. Notifications: Leave your phone in your pocket and view notifications on your wrist. Apple Watch displays alerts from your iPhone so you can respond or dismiss them at will. Its Taptic engine gives you a gentle tap on your wrist or an audio cue when notifications come in. GPS: Built-in GPS lets you navigate and get accurate workout data — no phone required. It connects quickly to GPS satellites and records distance speed and pace for your workout as well as the route you traveled and whether you're walking running or cycling. Water and Dust Resistant: The Apple Watch Series 2 is designed to withstand the pressure equivalent of being 164' underwater (5 ATM) meaning that it's suitable for rain spills showers pools and oceans at shallow depths. Its internal speaker uses its own vibrations to force water out once it's clear of the waves. Glances: Glances are scannable summaries of the information you need most. Simply swipe up from your watch face and you'll instantly be able to do things like see what's next on your calendar or find your location on a map. Complications: Complications are small widgets that appear on the face of your Watch and provide quick access to frequently used data. You can customize which complications you'd like to appear including built-in complications like weather calendar and activity or complications from your installed apps.


Siri: Talk to Apple's digital assistant Siri just like you would on your iPhone to launch apps record notes search the web reply to messages and more. Simply hold down the digital crown or raise your wrist and say "Hey Siri."

Health and Fitness: The Activity app displays progress made towards your daily activity goals with three intuitive rings that grow the more you move finally closing when you hit your targets. The Stand ring shows how often you've stood up to take a break from sitting the Move ring shows how many active calories you've burned and the Exercise ring shows how many minutes of brisk activity you've completed. Swipe up from the bottom of the Watch to view active calories burned steps taken and distance traveled. You can also compete against friends and family and respond to notifications of their progress.

With 12 indoor and outdoor workouts to choose from including lap and open-water swimming biking running and elliptical it's easy to stay fit. The Watch learns swimmers' strokes automatically and wheelchair users can take advantage of chair-specific workouts with a variety of pushing techniques.

Your Watch senses your activity on its own so there's no need to enter it manually. Goals can be adjusted manually or based on weekly suggestions from the Activity app. Third-party app support lets you interact with favorite fitness apps directly on your Watch taking advantage of its heart rate sensor and motion sensors.

Heart Rate Monitor: Check your heart rate at any time with the Apple Watch's built-in heart rate monitor. It uses an array of LEDs and sensors to determine how hard your heart is working. Every ten minutes it attempts to take a reading which is then stored in the Health app. Certain conditions such as movement extreme temperatures and tattoos can interfere with readings.

Taptic Engine: Instead of a vibration the Apple Watch "taps" on your wrist to alert you to new notifications and respond to inputs. It gives different types of taps in different situations so you can feel the difference between a call and a text message without looking.
Apple Pay: Apple Pay is a secure mobile payment method that lets you pay for goods and services online and in-person without reaching for your wallet. You can add credit cards and rewards cards to Apple Pay which does not store card numbers on your device or share them with merchants.

Music: When your iPhone is in range you can use your Apple Watch to control what's playing. You can also listen to locally stored music without an iPhone when using Bluetooth headphones.

Design: The Apple Watch is made from aluminum and is designed for strength and lightweight. The display is covered by Ion-X aluminosilicate glass which is molecularly fortified through ion exchange.


30 Day Warranty




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