iPhone Backup

iPhone Backup

iCloud Backup, save a headache of lost data.

Many people don't realize it is very simple to setup iCloud backup and prevent losing all your data in the event of an accident. 

  • How to set up iCloud on iPhone and iPad
  1. From your device's Home Screen, click on the Settings icon

Tap your Apple ID banner.

  1. Locate the Apple ID banner and tap Apple ID banner.     

Tap iCloud.

Toggle the iCloud backup switch on.

Click backup now,  if you have a lot of pictures the cloud storage may run out.  It cost a few dollars a month to add more data but id worth it in the long run, well if you want to protect your data. I can't tell you the times upset customers said if they only knew.  Worst case if you don't have a backup the data may still be able to be recovered but can cost $400 to $1000+ to have the hard drive recovered from a specialist company. Contact me at mike@wirelessparadise.com if you have this need. 



Be safe always use your iCloud backup if your having issues setting it up stop by your carrier store or any local Wireless Paradise and ask about it. 


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