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About Wireless Paradise Wireless Paradise is your next generation wireless store. What we do. We buy phones, we sell phones, we repair phones and we accessorize phones. Wireless Paradise is a one stop shop for accessories, repairs and used phones. We pride ourselves on helping every customer achieve a complete solution to their needs. We fix iPhone, Samsung, Any Android Device and Windows Phones and all tablets and iPads. The phones that we carry and sell are listed under three different tiers: Used: Our used phones are devices that are brought in to our store from customers off the street. These devices are in full working condition but may have a few cosmetic blemishes such as scratches or scuffs. These devices are cleaned and checked for any issues before being listed for sale. Any device listed in this category is going to be the best value for its price. Refurbished: Devices that are listed under our refurbished condition, are devices that were brought in to our store by customers that were originally damaged and needed repair. We repair the device in our store and make sure that it is in complete working condition. This category may still feature some minor cosmetic blemishes but none that are bad enough they cannot be covered up by one of our cases. Certified Refurbished: Devices that are listed as certified refurbished are going to be the highest quality devices we offer. These devices do not come from customers off the street, but instead from our premium vendors that certify the device as "like new condition". These devices are going to be nearly perfect cosmetically and are in full working condition. 100% satisfaction guarantee At wireless Paradise will do our best to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our company for any reason you are not please let us know Our inventory of used phones changes daily, but if you are looking to sell your phone or buy a new one come in and let us make your day. Let us repair your phone! Wireless Paradise Fort Myers 239.324.0028 Wireless Paradise 1-239-324-0028 Gulf Coast Town Center 9924 Gulf Coast Main Street #123 Fort Myers, FL 33913